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How to write greetings to Japanese penpal

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What should I write to Japanese penpal first?

ok,let's learn some Japanese greeting phrases for talking with Japanese penpal.

First greeting for Japanese penpal


This greeting is a typical phrase when you met person at the first time.

It means hello,it's nice to meet you in Japanese.

Second greeting for Japanese penpal


You can say this phrase only when you and the person already know each other as friend.

It means "hi,how have you been,are you doing fine?"

Good bye" phrases to Japanese penpal

if you want to say "bye!" to Japanese penpal,this phrase would suit for that scene.
"また あおうね!,さようなら!"
this one is pretty long phrase,I know right!
it means,let's meet up again!good bye! in Japanese.

how was these phrases?

let's talk to Japanese penpal with these useful phrases!

"Congrats" phrase to your Japanese penpal


It means "Congrats,I'm grad for you!"

You can say this phrase when your Japanese penpal passed a test or something he/she made it.

It's a kind of blessing phrase.

A greeting phrase when you write a letter to your Japabese penpal in summer


If you write a letter in summer,this one could be a good phrase for a first sentence.

It means,"hello,it's been warm days though how have you been?"

It's kind of a polite way to say.

It includes "Keigo" which is polite way of words.

In case if you and your Japanese penpal is in really good friendship,you can write like this.


It means like "hi,it's been warm days!you doing alright?"

when you write letter to Japanese penpal in winter.

"Samui hi ga tuzuki Masuga ikaga osugoshi desuka?"

(さむいひが つづきますが いかが おすごしですか?)

This is also a Keigo style Japanese.

It means "it's been cold days,how are you doing?"

This one could be a good sentence as first paragraph.

if your Japanese penpal failed a test or feeling down

In this case you can cheer up with this phrase,


(ouen shiteruyo,demo amari kanngae komanaide)

It means,I'm always on your side but don't think about it(things cause of feeling down) too much.

But sometimes you just don't need to say anything for them though,hope this sentence will work!

when you got gift from your Japanese penpal

You can say:"ありがとう、とてもうれしいです!すてきなおくりものをありがとう!"

("Arigato,Totemo Ureshii desu! Sutekina Okurimono Wo Arigato!")

It means,"Thank you,I'm so glad!Thank you for your great gift!"

Let's write this phrase when you got a gift from your Japanese penpal!

When you introduce someone to your Japanese penpal.

Keigo style:
"Kochira ha (person name) watashi no tomodatchi no Jessy san desu."
Casual style:
"Koreha Tomodachi no Jessy kun dayo."
Both phrases mean "This is my friend Jessy."
You can use these phrases by replacing "Tomodachi" and "Jessy" to other word!(like "my father,my brother,etc,,,)

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