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penpal site in Japan

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famous penpal site in Japan

if you are looking for a penpal site in Japan,japan-guide.com would be one of your favorite penpal site.

this penpal site has many kinds of BBS in it

some of subject in this penpal site is living in Japan and working in Japan.

you could also find tips living in Japan and also working.

other penpal site in Japan.

"buntsu.jp" This site has many penpals.

This site is from Japan.

It's written in Japanese but there are many Japanese members who are looking for penpals.

differences between normal penpal site and penpal site in Japan.

if the penpal can speak English,it would be as same as normal penpal site.

our suggestion for you is that comment on member with some Japanese and notice them that you are new in the penpal site in Japan.

don't be afraid of making miss understanding each other's language.

No one can speak other language at first.

you could find good penpal from Japan on the penpal site!

should I think about custom of Japan before I write to them on penpal site?

Having knowledge of Japan(other country) will help you to have a good communication with them on the penpal site!

but every country(including Japan) has its own cultures!you don't need to too much worry about it!

is it common to speak other languages beside Japanese in Japan?

It's not common in Japan.English classes in Japan is really low quality.

Therefore most of people from Japan only can speak Japanese.

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