Let’s learn Japanese!How to order at Japanese restaurant.

image of hiyashi-chuka ramen

step1:how to call staff in Japanese

“Sumimasen” which means “excuse me”.

Or you can just push a button on the table if the restaurant has one.

if there was no menu list

In case there is no menu list on the table,you could ask “sumimasen menu wa arimasuka?” which means “excuse me,do you have menu?”.

ordering in Japanese

image of hiyashi-chuka ramen

“Ramen wo kudasai” or “Ramen de onegaishimasu.”

it means “ramen please”.

if staff asked you “onomimono wa dounasaimasuka”?

It means how about drinks?

You could say “ocha/ orange juice(something you want) wo kudasai”.

it’s all for this time!

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