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How to write a letter to Penpal

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Let’s write things about you and your favorites.

if you don’t have things to write on letter,It’s ok to write things around you or things which happened today or yesterday.

the important thing of writing a letter to penpal is that your feeling which made you write a letter to your penpal.

if you really don’t have things to write,let’s write what happened around yourself.No matter what,your penpal is glad to read your letter.

A good choice of sending letter to your penpal

if you send packages or letter,Priority Mail Express International would be a good choice.

Because you can track your letter and you could get paid in case post office lost your package or letter.

After you sent a letter to your penpal,let them know a tracking code.

Things you should know before you write a letter to your penpal

it would be better if you know about your penpal of favorites and common hobby and character.

these are kind of important things of “how to write a good letter to your penpal”.

but if you can’t write those things,it’s ok.Because you will get to know about your penpal of favorites through exchanging letter or packages.

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