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How to keep a good connection with your penpal on penpal site and offline.

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before using penpal site,think about you and others of time difference.

We have time differences.It would be annoying if they get messages while they are sleeping.

Be respectful of your penpal of time and schedule on the penpal site.

Don’t be afraid to be honest with your penpal.

No one like lies.Be honest in always.

And if you have suspicious things about your penpal,ask your penpal about it on penpal site.

Being honest with your penpal is a key of keep a good connection with your penpal.

penpal site is convenient but connect with them offline too.

No one hate getting letter from their penpal.

Sending letters each other can keep a good connection with your penpal.

you could get to know other fun moment without using penpal site.

talk via Skype in sometimes.

hearing your penpal of voice can make them closer as your friend.

but you don't have to pretend to be a better person than yourself.

Don’t forget,being honest is a good way to keep a good connection with your penpal.

if there is a time difference between you and your penpal,you should ask your penpal about what time you can call to.

get to know cultural differences between you and your penpal

Each country has their own culture and knowing those will make you and your penpal of conversation deeper!

For example,you have to take off your shoes before get into house in Japan.

How is it in your country?

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